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We Do It All, Or Just Parts

Content Creation

Content Creation

New and compelling content is the name of the game! We specialize in blogs, photography, video and general online mayhem.

Product Photography

Product Photography

We generate our own photography to get what we want, when we want it and if it is part of another project there is no additional cost.

Web Video

Web Video

Stimulating video is a key element to the utilization of new media. We use video in a variety of ways to attract and engage customers.

Web Design

Web Design

Put simply; we believe that a good website should be cost effective, fun for the customer, and manageable for the client.

Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Social marketing is not a vehicle to sell products directly. It is, however, the perfect place to create advocates and to empower and compel them with tools for advocacy.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We love email marketing. It is highly cost effective and the single most direct way to disseminate your new and finely crafted content!

Sales Accelerator

Sales Accelerator

We prefer the term Search Accelerator to describe our strategy. We get results with a unique combination of traditional SEO, image search and consistent “new & compelling” content.

Relationship Management

Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cloud-ware is the house we build all of our assets on. Think of it as adding a team member that never forgets anything, works all the time and asks for little or no pay.



Reporting provides our clients the roadmap for the future. Without it we have no idea what works and what doesn’t. Reporting speeds up the learning curve and helps us make informed decisions on facts.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It. We Sell For a Living!

…had a lot of compliments on those pictures, home run Sir!
Paul Grundhauser, Grundhauser Gun Works
Hawkeye Syndicate has been a great asset to FLSC. The industry-specific nature adds targeted value and the personnel at HS are knowledgeable and hard working. I highly recommend HS for your shooting sports marketing needs.
Our experience with Hawkeye Syndicate has been excellent!
Mark Stevens has taken ownership for our business needs
and has worked hard to take our marketing to a higher level.
He has helped us strategize, updated our website and did our
photography. His background and business contacts in
our industry have helped us tremendously. We would
recommend him and their business as an excellent choice.
Pat Wilson, Obsidian Arms
Since we started working with Hawkeye, we have experienced a long forgotten trait that isn’t often found these days- attention to detail and personal customer service. The ideas and suggestions they bring to the the table have rejuvenated us and excited us to work again!
Jeremy Moore, Shooters Source
Marketing firearms on line is a challenge given our inability to use traditional search based advertising (eg. Google AdWords). Working with the Syndicate enabled us to tap into the social media network of other related businesses (ranges, manufacturers, matches). Basically we are all promoting the shooting industry which helps all of us. It’s brilliant! Also, these guys love to shoot!
Dan Arnzen, Arnzen Arms

Our Proven Process, Produces Results


The first step in our process is to investigate your companies current assets and report our findings.


Once we have identified the issues we get to work. Rethink, replace, retune and refine.


After all the parts are in place we train you and your staff to take advantage of your new assets.


Is it working? Reporting will tell us. Any marketing company that fails to report on progress is just taking your money.


The key to all modern marketing is new and compelling content. Let’s work together to keep the new assets fresh!

Shoot : Move : Communicate

Through Innovation & Sheer Determination

Let’s Get Started!