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On this episode we are talking to Brian Schmittdiel and Angelo Fraboni from a new company Apex Development Group about Getting Traction in your Business. They are out to disrupt the firearms market place with their new model for business coaching and business to business sales.
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Without further ado welcome to the #syndicast Brian and Angelo…
What interests me most about your company is deployment of the book Traction’s EOS system and your current know how around B2B Sales in the industry.
What is Apex Development group and how did you guys get here?
Let’s take a case model. I don’t like hypotheticals so lets take one of my companies Hawkeye Ordnance.
My partner Blair Steine started Hawkeye Ordnance 10 plus years ago as a local gun shop and gunsmith in Decorah, IA. He always had a passion for 3 gun and was doing a fair amount of shotgun work for local shooters in MN and WI. I met him several years back and added a layer of marketing to his business that was non-existent. The whole thing grew very organically until today.
Hawkeye Ordnance today is the Blue Collar 3 Gun Gunsmith doing 10-12 shotguns and 2-4 pistols a month and a content house that produces 3 Gun Gear Reviews, a podcast and tons of additional content. We have spun out a marketing firm and an event company from the brand.
So lets get under the hood…
Topics discussed:
  1. The book Traction and the E.O.S. strategy for business development
  2. Planning: 10 years, 3 years, 1 year and 90 day “Rocks”
  3. S.W.O.T. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  4. Throughput accounting
  5. Overview of sales channels for distribution
  6. European distribution
Where can we find Apex Development Group or how can companies that need your service get ahold of you. and

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