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#syndicast EP32 – Getting Traction in your Business with Brian Schmittdiel and Angelo Fraboni

Photo Credit: Pathum X On this episode we are talking to Brian Schmittdiel and Angelo Fraboni from a new company Apex Development Group about Getting Traction in your Business. They are out to disrupt the firearms market place with their new model for business coaching and business to business sales. Hey [...]

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#syndicast EP31 – Upgrading your Cameras and Gear for filming 3 gun and creating influencer content

Cameras and Gear for filming 3 gun and creating influencer content You can find all the gear we recommend on our Amazon page: https://www.amazon.com/shop/hawkeyeordnance3gun Stick with your smartphone at least at the beginning. You can do a ton with a smart phone and basic editing software. Upgrade 1: Filmic Pro Mobile for iPhone [...]

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#syndicast EP30 – Chad Swartout – Journey to 1000 Instagram Followers and Social Media Influence

In this episode I speak with new 3 Gunner Chad Swartout who took on the first 1000 challenge and knocked it out in a matter of months. We discuss: Instagram Facebook Youtube Social Media Privacy Hashtag Strategies and more... Links: Download the first 1000 Document Schedule an interview Hashtag Generator Check out all my [...]

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#syndicast EP 29 – Dave Hartman, The 3 Gun Show, Podcasting, Marketing and influence

Dave Hartman is at the heart of 3 Gun with his podcast the 3 Gun Show. In this weeks episode we talk about the evolution of the 3 Gun Show, the sport of 3 Gun, Dave's process for producing the show, monetizing content and much, much more. Check out this episode! [...]

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Hive8 – Optimize, Automate, Outsource

Hive Recommendations: https://www.amazon.com/shop/hawkeyeordnance3gun Ari Meisel has turned his hobby--optimizing productivity--into a popular framework and consulting service for automating and outsourcing life's tasks. Ari now has several companies including one that I use daily called Get Leverage. You can find out more about them if you are interested here: https://getleverage.com/ mention my name as the referrer and get a [...]

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#syndicast EP 28 – Dustin Sanchez, JP RIfles, Heavy Shooter, Influencer, Sponsorship

 This week on the #syndicast we are talking with Dustin Sanchez - Heavy Shooter, Influencer, Marketing {title} for JP Rifles, and now a marketing partner for the Nordic / Vortex Tri-Gun. Photo credit: Pathum Karunaratne - Professional 3 Gun Shooter of Photos Welcome brother! We have been trying to get this done for a while… [...]

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Hive4 :: Making email your B$%@&!

Welcome to the HIVE4. On this episode we are talking email and hands down the most impactful and consistent business hack I use   I get somewhere between 200 and 300 emails a day better than half of it is crap. The remainder is mostly from companies that I have engaged to get [...]

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HIVE5 – Diet – How good could it get?

Welcome to the HIVE5. On this episode we are talking about how to start dealing with your diet in a meaningful and lasting way starting with a question. How good could it get?   I got clean and sober 9 years ago. I was a full blown opiate addict - sadly not the [...]

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HIVE3 : Create your day

Welcome to the HIVE2. On this episode we will discuss creating your day and how to manage both a digital and paper calendar.   Check this out! Michael Hyatt Full Focus Planner: https://fullfocusplanner.com/?utm_source=mhwebsite&_ga=2.197593839.1706666103.1543085531-421313335.1540304929 Analog vs. Digital:  https://michaelhyatt.com/digital-analog-hybrid/   Notes from Michael Hyatts Blog: 1. Full digital. You can do everything with a digital solution [...]

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