SC23 – #syndicast Brian Conley Hunters HD Gold

During the summer of 2018 I got to spend a bunch of Time with Brian Conley form Hunters HD Gold. I fell in love with the lenses for shooting, driving and the health benefits from an all day blue blocking lens. These glasses rock! I do still have a bone to pick about the frames. [...]

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#HIVE2 : Hack Your Sleep!

The number 1 hack! Hands down for improving performance, productivity, mood, resilience and even longevity is sleep and most of us suck at it. Just about everyone in the medical, health and athletic fields agree that sleep is critical 2 Main Sources I go to for sleep related learning: Bulletproof Blog supported by data from [...]

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SC22 – #SYNDICAST Adam Weber, Weber Tactical, On the other side of a tough season in business

This week on the Syndicast we are talking to Adam Weber from Weber Tactical about all the new gear coming from their shop. Gamer Series Packages USPSA Holster 3 Gun Holster Weber Tactical Signature Holster Hanger CARBS Belt from Carbon Arms Modularity Ratchet System DOTS Attachement System Cost of the Aluminum Mounts Consistency Issues from [...]

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SC21 – #syndicast Where the F$%# have you been!

We Are BACK! On this weeks episode of the Syndicast we will be talking about where the hell we’ve been and what we have coming up next. We will also let you know about a new show we will be launching this Friday called the Hive. All coming up next! Welcome to the podcast everybody… [...]

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SC20 – #syndicast Adam Weber, Weber Tactical, 3 gun Entrepreneur

This episode is full of great advice from Adam Weber, Owner, Weber Tactical. We talk about: 3 Gun, USPSA, IDPA How Weber Tactical Got Started Growing Weber Tactical and the recent issues with parts and supply Sponsored Shooters Being Sponsored The Value of Influence and a bunch of inside jokes Check out this [...]

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SC19 – #syndicast Josh Tarrant Plan your work and work your plan

This weeks episode is brought to you buy Arnzen Arms. Free shipping on all order over $300. Josh Tarrant and I speak about: 3 Gun Instagram Facebook Websites Sponsors Being Sponsored Check out this episode!

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SC17 – #syndicast Forrest Lucas owner of Lucas Oil, Lucas Outdoor, MAVTV and

I was lucky to have the chance to interview Forrest Lucas at the Lucas Outdoor Shotgun Championships. We talked about: Building the Range in Cross Timbers The PCC and Shotgun Matches The Gun Oil Business Race Tracks and New Products Gunsmiths, Youtube, Gun distribution and Sig Sauer The Trucking Industry The stunning Lucas [...]

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SC16 – #syndicast Dianna Muller talks Sponsorship, DC Project, IPSC World Shoot and More

This week on the #syndicast we welcome Dianna Muller. Dianna served 22 years in the Tulsa Police Department before transitioning to a full time pro-shooter and 2A personality in 2014. She is an accomplished 3 gunner,  founder of the DC project, and represents some of the finest companies in the industry including Benelli, [...]

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SC15 – #syndicast Jeremy Moore talks Shooters Source, North Texas Multigun, VS3G and Triple C

This week we are joined by one of my all time favorite people in 3 Gun, Business and HELL I would say life! He is a serial 2A Entrepreneur, shooter, Texan with a capital T, Match Director, Range Manager and owner of Shooters Source. Please help me welcome Jeremy Moore. Topics: North Texas [...]

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