SC14 – #syndicast Dustin Sanchez on Shooting, JP Rifles, Team Breda and Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun Marketing

On this weeks Episode I speak with Dustin Sanchez on on Shooting, JP Rifles, Team Breda and Nordic Vortex Tri-Gun Marketing. Topics: What was the catalyst for his interest in Social Media Dustin's journey at JP Rifles from Rifle Builder to Marketing Associate Being a sponsored shooter for: JP Rifles Vortex Optics ORM Tech [...]

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SC13 – #syndicast Rob Romero and Charles Sole on Strategic Match Design

In this weeks episode I get a chance to sit down with Rob Romero and Charles Sole to talk about their new venture strategic Match Design. We cover: The back story What Strategic Match Design is out to accomplish and why Thoughts on Match Sponsorship Lucas Oil IPSC Shotgun Matches Wyoming Governors Match [...]

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SC12 – #syndicast Discount Codes, Participation Awards and Other Delights…

I think it is time we take a serious look at what we feel we are ENTITLED to and square that with our belief in freedom and personal responsibility. 3 Gun has long been one fo the ultimate expressions of freedom and personal responsibility and yet, we still want discounts and participation awards. [...]

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SC11 – #syndicast Facebook is bringing people together and you are not invited!

On January 11th, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be changing its news feed algorithm to prioritize content from "friends, family and groups." "You'll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media" Zuckerberg cites "a responsibility to make sure our services aren't just fun to use, but also good for [...]

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SC9 – #syndicast Lets Tell a Better Story!

The 2A community has lost control of the narrative in a big way assuming we ever had it at all. Our old ideas of staying out of the media are not working and we remain in a vulnerable place around our rights. I submit it is time to reframe the story and we [...]

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SC8 – #syndicast The New Deal for Sponsorship

Shooters! Who among you wants to do more for your sponsors and get paid more appropriately in the process? This conversation and document is a first step in making that happen. For a copy of the document or more information email me mark@hawkeyesyndicate. Check out this episode!

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SC7 – #syndicast Attraction vs. Promotion

This week on the syndicate we will be talking about the idea of Attraction rather than promotion and why most of us are missing the real opportunities for personal branding, market influencing and most importantly community growth. Attraction Rather than promotion - I was first introduced to this idea? Article HRExaminer - John Summer Marketing, [...]

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SC6 – #syndicast Negativity and how to express it

This week on the Syndicast we are talking about NEGATIVITY. We will kick off my rant with a letter penned by Mark Passamanek of Carbon Arms describing what he has been seeing in 2017 with an awesome call to action for the upcoming year. From there I will do my best to put [...]

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SC5 – #syndicast Deconstructing the Hiperfire Rifle Side Contest

The follow up to Episode 4 : Get over yourself Hey everybody, welcome to the syndicast. On this weeks show we will be giving away the Hiperfire Social Media Side Stage Rifle to the shooter that delivered the largest number of Hiperfire hashtags during the event and then deconstructing how the top 5 [...]

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