SC4 – #syndicast Get over yourself and express your truth!

This week on the show we talk about getting over your fear and expressing your truth in social media. We do this through the lens of a specific match promotion we are doing at ignite and our largest event of the season - Jeff Kirwold Memorial 3 Gun and Shoot-off to benefit Task [...]

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SC3 – #syndicast with Entrepreneur & USPSA Shooter Krystal Dunn

This week on the Syndicast we are talking with Entrepeneur, USPSA Shooter and Sponsee Krystal Dunn. Krystal has taken her Social-Fu to the next level after receiving some big sponsorships in 2017. We will be talking about how she is handling all that, the need for privacy on social media and I am [...]

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SC2 – #syndicast The partnership of being sponsored with Josh Froelich

Josh Froelich has been on a meteoric rise at matches taking several number one spots in 2017. His achievements in USPSA and 3 Gun have only been matched by what he is doing for his sponsors. Listen up to this weeks #syndicalist Check out this episode!

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SC1 – #syndicast Blueprint for sponsorship from Vortex Optics

On this episode of the #syndicast presented by Hawkeye Syndicate we discuss the following topics: Marketing, Branding and Social Media Tactics How to get attention, keep attention and use attention We will be looking at marketing concepts through the lens of the emerging action shooting sports 3 Gun, USPSA and IDPA Do you want Sponsors? [...]

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