Project Description


Project Brief

If you are not familiar with Arnzen Arms in the Twin Cities, you should be. It is the model for what the modern gun shop should be. Well informed and friendly shop keeps inside a well lit and well laid out store.

Arnzen was one of our first clients. We started out helping out with the product photography and slowly started handling the majority of their marketing. They already had a great web platform designed buy the owner Dan Arnzen. What we attempted to do was improve its visibility on a national level. We did this with a series of well written articles on the various shooting disciplines. Hunting, self defense, and competition shooting were all covered. Regardless of the discipline customers get a narrowing field of purchase options as they descend into the articles. Ideally, they reach a purchase decision as a result. We also set out to make sure that their photography would not only be best in class but would show up at the top of organic image searches – mission accomplished!

Recently, we worked with the owners to launch a national marketing campaign utilizing’s significant search results to get noticed in cities across the country. This has resulted in 30% web traffic increases and the phones ring off the hook!

Today, we handle all the shop photography, social media, 3rd party listings and sizable email list plus support Arnzen’s shooting team, sponsorships and events.

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Sales Accelerator (SEO)

Our approach to SEO for Arnzen is very much in-line with our overall concept for organic search. As google and its competition transition from linear thinking to a more Artificially Intelligent search structure websites must adapt or they will get lost. With Arnzen we are deploying “new and compelling” content along with traditional SEO. New and Compelling is simple in concept but requires a fair amount of ongoing labor to refresh well labeled images, to blog, to review, etc. The Arnzen Site grows nearly daily and we are seeing the results at the register.

Allocation of Time

New Imagery 50%
New Writing 25%
Traditional SEO 25%

Social : Real Life!

Arnzen Arms above all else gets that Real Life is where social media starts and ends. Not only is it the best place to press flesh with your customers it is also the best place to curate imagery and video content.

Social Media : Digital

Traditional social media avenues are much better for attracting new customers than promoting products. Our approach to Arnzen’s Social Media Mix is simple. Educate, involve and inform – then promote!

Social Media : Content

One of the great benefits of the syndicate is the partnerships that grow within it. We paired Arnzen Arms with other syndicate clients to bring about the wildly popular Round Table Gun Reviews on Youtube. Projects like this get you noticed and create great strategic alliances.

Shoot : Move : Communicate

Through Innovation & Sheer Determination

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