Project Description

Renovation to Grounds Inspires Innovation in Marketing


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Forest Lake Sportsman’s Club is a well established traditional shooting and archery club that has spent tons of time and treasure on becoming the premier action shooting venue in the Twin Cities. With the addition of 4 new competition bays in 2015 and the commitment to hosting National shooting events like The Nordic Components Tactical Shotgun Championships they are well on their way. It is no wonder we are so proud to call them a client.

After speaking with the Board of Directors we decided that the prudent course of action was a slow, steady and methodical evolution. First things first. We needed to act immediately to improve the 2015 sight in season revenues. This was accomplished with print marketing in the Pioneer Press and Outdoor News. Once completed we were able to turn our attention to more modern marketing avenues.

It Started with New Photography


It is no secret that the fastest growing segment in shooting sports is women. Any modern shooting facility must reach out to female demographic if they wish to grow. We decided that we had plenty of great images of the boys tearing it up so we focused on the ladies to get started.

Sales Accelerator (SEO)


SEO can be painful. In this case, we knew we were swimming in a small pond so we set out to be number one (organic) for 3 Gun, Rifle Sight In, Sporting Clays, Tactical Shotgun and the like in Minnesota. Search it – we killed it!

Social Media : Outbound Marketing


We believe that Facebook is a great tool to provide consumer advocates with tools for advocacy. Shooters are some of the best advocates around. We have seen 3000% growth in engagement and can’t wait to have a full season to speak on behalf of FLSC.

Email Marketing

Starting an email list has been priority one for us. The club has addresses for its members but no data for communicating with the public. We instigated email sign ups at sight in days and will be gathering addresses in the 2016 action shooting season. This will give FLSC the means to communicate directly with the paying public.

Real Life

Forest Lake is all about “Real Life”. It has been one of several key clubs for traditional and action shooting. It is our goal to become the premier venue in 2016. We will achieve this by adding to the already busy calendar and providing shooters with something to do daily, weekly and monthly depending on the sport and the size of the event.

Shoot : Move : Communicate

Through Innovation & Sheer Determination

Let’s Get Started!