Project Description

Stunning Guns : Stunning Imagery


Logo OnlyWide

Grundhauser Gun Works builds the ultimate race guns. The LDC5, VP9 and F3 have enough world championships between them to make such a bold claim.
We got involved with Paul to create a website and produce imagery that would be worthy of these tremendous guns. The initial concept was to rebuild his website within its current platform which limited the lengths we could go to. Look for an all new, completely rebuilt site by years end!

Great Imagery is Key


We strive to create imagery for our clients that their customer will want to reach out and touch. High quality product photography is a must to create an emotional commitment online.

Website Design


The current website is clean and functional. The stunning guns and equally stunning imagery create a great space to shop. On the other hand it is time for a site that is as groundbreaking as the product. We are excited for you to see it!

Social Media : Outbound Marketing


We believe that Facebook is a great tool to provide consumer advocates with tools for advocacy. Because of this we redirected the Grundhauser Facebook pages content. More great imagery and video of the guns in action and a lot less selling product directly.

Real Life

It turns out that spending all your time on a computer is often counterproductive. You can see Paul’s Guns at IPSC, USPSA and 3 Gun events all over the world!

Shoot : Move : Communicate

Through Innovation & Sheer Determination

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