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Project Brief

Gunfighter Targets Rock! We love them and use them in our training and reviews. When the company owner, Carl, came to us he was just getting started. He had a simple logo and a great idea to create reactive targets that could hold up to the abuse of 3 gun and USPSA shooting. He nailed it.

The first thing we did was rework the logo to create something more memorable that would last for a long time. The Gunfighter Logo is part old west and part modern warrior. To date, this is the best logo we have ever created.

Once we had Carl’s great targets and a winning logo we set out to create an incredibly affordable and easy to maintain website. Carl has a full time job outside of making targets and his website couldn’t be a burden.

We then set up a great Facebook Page and an Amazon Sellers Page for him using the imagery we created during the website building process. Carl has since stepped out onto the 3 gun scene with a vengeance nabbing sponsorships with Mn3GunGroup, Hawkeye Ignite and Brownell’s Ladies 3 Gun. You can also see Gunfighter Targets on the Round Table Gun Reviews – a partnership born from the syndicate.

Original Logo [click]

Syndicate Logo [click]

Social : Real Life!

Gunfighter Targets does a great job of getting their targets in from of shooters. Look for Gunfighter at matches, firearms demos and on the Round Table.

Social Media : Digital

Traditional social media avenues are much better for attracting new customers than promoting products. Gunfighter has a growing and dedicated base of advocates sharing their targets across the net.

Social Media : Alternative

After looking at options for Gunfighter to get their targets to market we arrived at Amazon can be a great tool for a small company to get noticed online.

Shoot : Move : Communicate

Through Innovation & Sheer Determination

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