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Broadening the 3 Gun Experience in Minnesota


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Hawkeye Ignite is the brainchild of the syndicate and Hawkeye Ordnance. Minnesota is really blessed to have a great 3 Gun Promotion entity in Mn 3Gun Group. They put on monthly matches from April – November and host the mighty Nordic Components Tactical Shotgun Championships, to date, the only Minnesota Match with national attendance.

It begs the questions, what could we add? Fair enough. We started by hosting the first 3 Man 3 Gun here in Mn. With the success of this match we started looking for opportunities to broaden the multigun experience in our neck of the woods and the Trekker was born. We also had an opportunity to pick up and expand the FLSC nightly match originally put on by Brian Payne. Next thing we knew we had close to 30 matches on the calendar in 2016.

With all of this going on we opted to create the marketing entity Hawkeye Ignite. This platform allows us to promote our matches, Mn 3Gun Group, matches at Forest Lake, the sport as a whole and syndicate clients.

It Started with a Great Match


The success of the Hawkeye Ordnance 3 Man 3 Gun 2015 started it all. We knew we had to build a proper marketing entity to support our matches and the larger Minnesota 3 Gun Community.

Website Design


We built the website to promote matches – period. We do this with highly interactive match pages that feature all the pertinent details and the ability to register in advance for the match via

After Action Blog


The Ignite After Action Blog is designed to educate our shooters. We create content that provides tips for upcoming Ignite events, the 3 Gun lifestyle and an after action in case you missed it.

Social Media : Outbound Marketing

Social Media : Outbound Marketing


This is what Facebook is best at. Grass roots marketing of events and articles. The Ignite Facebook page also allows us to promote syndicate clients with banner and product placements.

Real Life

This is what Ignite is all about. Real life! The side benefit is all the awesome content we get to share on the website and through our various social media outlets.


Sponsors are the life blood of events and event marketing. We use the various Ignite Assets to honor these sponsors with features and spotlights. Sponsorship is only open to syndicate clients.

Shoot : Move : Communicate

Through Innovation & Sheer Determination

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