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North Texas Multigun


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After The Shooters Source joined the syndicate Jeremy informed us that he was experiencing flagging numbers for North Texas Multigun Events. Apparently, the Dallas/Ft. Worth area has become inundated with events from NTMG and others. It was time to do some marketing!

Immediately we set out to rebuild the website adding custom features for Practiscore registration and digital matchbooks. This platform allows us promote matches and of equal importance – match sponsors.

Once we had the house built we began working with Jeremy on a sponsor package for 2016. We started by looking at the proven Tarheel model and set out to build a new future for 3 gun in Texas!

It Started with a New Website


The goal with the website was to create a central place to host the calendar, registration and event details. We also created pages to host the sponsorship package and feature sponsors as they came on board.

Sponsorship Package


Without getting to granular with the details we worked with Jeremy and North Texas Multigun to create a viable and more importantly sellable sponsorship model for his vaunted action shooting group. 2016 will be a big year in North Texas.

Social Media : Outbound Marketing


Key to the success of any action shooting group is a strong social media presence – the new world of mouth. NTMG has both a page and a vibrant online community hosted on Facebook.

Email Marketing

Email remains the very best way to communicate large amounts of information to an interested audience. Subscribers will receive a monthly newsletter throughout the season, highlights for major matches and articles on gear and lifestyle.

Real Life

This is what North Texas Multigun is all about and they do it in a big way with upwards of 40 matches per season, prize tables and happy sponsors!

Shoot : Move : Communicate

Through Innovation & Sheer Determination

Let’s Get Started!