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Taccom is synonymous with 3 gun. Tim has been around since the blunderbuss and flintlock and he has been innovating the entire time. Taccom creates some of the best shotshell loaders on the market. The proof is in the huge numbers he has shipped and the great shooters that he sponsors.

When we started with Taccom we had a significant problem. His website was really outdate and the imagery he was using was pretty bad (see if you can find his AR22s sitting on an animal skin rug). We jumped right in and started with a new site and updated photography.

We had a couple significant guardrails with Taccom. First, we needed to rebuild his site on the current platform as not to disturb his merchant account setup. Second, everything had to be set up to pass off to Tim’s son Matt, the next generation.

As our first client we will always have a soft spot for Taccom.

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