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One can’t spend much time in the action shooting sports before they are made aware of The Shooters Source. Jeremy stocks all the gear one would need and nothing that they don’t. We couldn’t be more proud to call them a client.

We were introduced to The Shooters Source by our, now colleague, Adam. After speaking with Jeremy for an hour or so it was clear that what he needed was full time help to manage his website, social media, email campaigns and sponsored shooters. Despite their footprint in the shooting sports The Shooters Source is effectively a one man operation – we set out to be his force multiplier.

Jeremy had just gone through the process of a new website build. He just needed a bit of a clean up and little organization to highlight low level engagements like the newsletter.

His biggest initial issue was his social media. Like many in the industry The Shooters Source utilized Facebooks “pay for likes”. Because of the new algorithms at Facebook his posts were not getting seen despite the huge numbers. With no way to salvage it we deployed the nuclear option and started from scratch.

With the basics in place we started the long job of driving new business to his site and other social assets.

Website Organization


The Shooters Source Website already had all the parts. What it needed was a fresh eye to reorganize it placing a premium on the newsletter, blog and other low level engagements for clients that are not quite ready to buy.

Website Imagery


Right now we are working on the slow process of swapping out all of the vendor photography with images of our now that our more attractive and considerably more searchable.

Social Media : Outbound Marketing


We believe that Facebook is a great tool to provide consumer advocates with tools for advocacy. Unfortunately, the Shooters Source Page was bogged down but unengaged “pay for likes”. Because of this we encouraged them to start from scratch. The result – a thriving social media community.

Email Marketing

We love email! It is the absolute best low or no cost tool for small companies to get there message out to customers. We reorganized the website to highlight the newsletter and began monthly emails to drive engagements and purchases.

Real Life

Real life is where the magic happens and The Shooters Source was practically built on being at the match or sponsoring the event.

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